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Pesquisa aponta duas maiores tendências para o Marketing em 2014

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De acordo com uma nova pesquisa publicada em 2014 State of Marketing, os marqueteiros e analistas devem ficar de olho em duas grandes tendências em 2014:

• Aumento dos Investimentos de Marketing
• Uma mudança no ciclo de vida do marketing

Aumento dos Investimentos

Talvez não seja nenhuma surpresa que 98% dos marketeiros planejam aumentar ou manter os seus orçamentos para 2014, enquanto apenas 2% pretendem diminuir. Na pesquisa existem cinco áreas-chave onde os marketeiros planejam aumentar a quantidade do investimento para 2014.

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According to new research published in 2014 State of Marketing, marketers and analysts should keep an eye on two major trends in 2014:

  • Marketing budgets on the rise
  • A shift in lifecycle marketing

Budgets on the rise
Perhaps it’s no surprise that 98% of marketers plan to increase or maintain their budgets for 2014, while only 2% plan to decrease. There are five key areas where marketers plan to increase dollars for 2014:

  1. Data & analytics (61% plan to increase)
  2. Marketing automation (61% plan to increase)
  3. Email marketing (58% plan to increase)
  4. Social media marketing (57% plan to increase)
  5. Content management (57% plan to increase)

It stands to reason that data and analytics top the list, as marketers noted increasing conversion rates and collecting behavior-based data as two of their top three 2014 priorities (see my earlier post on new priorities for 2014). Likewise, the second greatest budget increase is for marketing automation, which will play a key role as marketers act on the data they’ve collected to power 1:1 customer experiences and enhance their brand relationships.

The next chart shows a complete picture of how marketers plan to spend their budget in 2014.

A shift in lifecycle marketing
Lifecycle marketing occurs when marketers communicate with specific audience members at precise times. Marketers told us that lifecycle marketing is still a key piece of their overall strategy. We define lifecycle marketing as the tactics that reach customers across four core stages:

And while marketers are still focused on lifecycle marketing, we’ve uncovered a notable shift. Unlike earlier findings (including IBM’s The State of Marketing 2013) that showed acquiring new subscribers as marketers’ greatest lifecycle challenge, our research found that driving engagement and revenue (65%) has edged to the forefront of their lifecycle concerns.

The top three lifecycle marketing campaigns that marketers currently use are newsletter (66%), promotional (61%), and web opt-in (54%). The next highest utilized campaign, transaction (42%), is 12% lower than web opt-in usage. A significant gap exists between the importance marketers place on lifecycle marketing campaigns and the number of campaigns they actually implement, as shown by the gap between the top three campaigns and the many other underutilized campaigns.

For example, birthday campaigns are used by only 19% of marketers and loyalty campaigns are used by only 36%, however, these two campaigns have the highest reported success rates compared to other lifecycle marketing campaigns. Along with testing other lifecycle strategies, implementing a birthday or loyalty campaign may be a great way to differentiate your brand, build loyalty, increase engagement, and drive results—all with minimal effort.

The next chart visualizes top lifecycle marketing challenges.

Now, check out marketers’ preferred lifecycle campaigns, along with those they plan to use this year.

For a deeper channel-by-channel analysis into the state of marketing this year, download the full report, and check out my previous post on survey respondents’ top priorities.

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