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KIXEYE Scores New Social Gamers Using Salesforce Social.com

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Social Advertising Case StudySocial advertising is changing how brands connect with customers and fans. eMarketer
estimates that worldwide paid advertising on Facebook will reach $5.89
billion this year and continue rising by more than 20% annually through
2015, when spend will approach $9 billion. With billions of people on
social networks, marketers need to be sure their social ads are
delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

One company that uses social ads to grow their business is KIXEYE. The online gaming powerhouse responsible for popular titles like Backyard Monsters, Battle Pirates, War Commander, and VEGA Conflict
attracts high-quality social gamers at the lowest possible cost but
also keeps them active and engaged via innovative social advertising

Today, we’re happy to share a new report from Nucleus Research
that shows the value KIXEYE achieved by standardizing its social
advertising on Salesforce Social.com, the industry leading social
advertising application within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Using social advertising to attract new social gamers and keep current players engaged

embraces the social revolution and sees the value of social to drive
business results.  However, the company needed an advanced application
that could be used to manage its social advertising campaigns, as well
as enterprise-level client service so its marketing team could focus on
optimizing campaigns instead of managing technology.

evaluated about two-dozen social advertising applications and ultimately
selected Social.com for two main reasons. First, the KIXEYE team found
that Social.com is the most reliable, scalable tool for managing its
Facebook advertising. Second, KIXEYE’s interaction with the Social.com
product team convinced them that both the team and product are first

“We’re extremely focused on yield; the lifetime value of a
user vs. the acquisition cost. With Social.com, we can leverage
monetization data within the tool to instantly measure the yield of a
campaign and make decisions that increase revenue and margins,” says
Mark Braatz, Director, User Acquisition, KIXEYE.

It took KIXEYE less then a week to get its campaigns up and running on Social.com.


The Benefits 

Salesforce.com is excited to announce that KIXEYE achieved the following benefits by using Social.com:

  • Extend the acquisition life cycle of games by six months. Because
    Social.com combines 
campaign performance data with downstream
    engagement metrics in one interface, the KIXEYE marketing team can
    quickly understand the effective margins of a campaign and adjust
    targeting to increase ROI.
  • Increased marketer productivity.
    Moving to Social.com reduced the time KIXEYE spent troubleshooting
    campaign problems, enabled the company to streamline and automate much
    of the processes around areas like custom audience targeting, and
    ultimately let the team focus on optimization instead of campaign setup
    and launch. 
  • Reduced advertising costs by 15%. Social.com
    enabled KIXEYE to reduce its overall advertising costs while increasing
    user volume and retention. Nucleus Research estimated KIXEYE would have
    needed to increase its advertising budget by 15 percent to attain the
    same results without Social.com.

Thank you to KIXEYE for
sharing their story with the salesforce.com community. We’re also happy
to answer your questions in the comments. How is your organization
managing its social advertising?

Kixeye social advertising case study



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