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9 SEO Experts Discuss Social, Content Marketing and The Future of SEO

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SEO Experts talk Future of SEO
Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down with some of SEO’s biggest names and ask them three questions?

Well, save your efforts – salesforce.com has done just that; pulling together Rand Fishkin, Wil Reynolds, Debra Mastaler, Duane Forrester, Chris Bennett, Will Critchlow, Jim Yu, Marshall Simmonds, and Adam Audette in a new ebook.

An Exciting Time for SEO

Having worked long enough in SEO to be considered a veteran, I’ve found the most exciting aspect of the industry is that it’s constantly changing.

As Google continues evolving their search algorithm to adapt to new forms of content, SEOs come up with strategies and tactics that speak to those new signals, and in turn, Google does their best to counteract those moves.

It’s an online chess match.

With social media all around us, the buzz around content marketing, the increasing imprint of no keyword, and mobile growth exploding, it’s an exciting time for SEO, but with those changes, our industry is also seeing some of our most difficult challenges.

Knowledge Before Innovation

As an SEO, you must stay on top of industry news because it allows you to quickly adapt when changes are released. It gives us a better understanding of where SEO is heading, and gives us the knowledge to stay one move ahead of not only our competitors, but Google.

And what better way to innovate on your SEO than to ask thought leaders in the industry about the future of SEO?

The SEO team here at salesforce.com approached nine SEO experts and asked them about their thoughts on social media, content marketing, ranking signals, and other factors impacting online marketing. We were lucky to have the following well-regarded experts participate:

See what Jim Yu and Wil Reynolds have to say about social signals and how they’ll impact Google’s results. What are the next ranking factors that Debra Mastaler and Adam Audette think you should keep an eye on? Does Marshall Simmonds think content marketing is here to stay?

Download this free SEO ebook, SEO Experts Reveal the Truth About Marketing, and learn all about the future of SEO, the relationship between social media and search, and how content marketing has changed the SEO industry.




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