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Free Checklist for a Customer Company Transformation

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customer company checklistWe’re in the midst of a customer revolution powered by
technology. In this new world, customer loyalty is
the currency by which companies will live or die. More than ever before,
customers are truly in charge.

But with decades of doing
business the same old way, how do you transform your “old school” company into
a customer company, which puts the customer first?

Here’s a checklist to get you
started. Bookmark it, print it out, and hang it on your wall or share it with your colleagues. Use it as a reminder to take these steps everyday to make the transformation.

Adjust your thinking

Embrace the mantra, “the
customer is in charge,” and bring stakeholders on board to pave the way to make
sweeping changes to your organization, that put the customer’s desires, wants
and needs front and center.

 Get connected

Make sure your company’s
products and services are connected to the social world. A customer platform in
the cloud can do this for you, a platform in which sales, service, marketing
and applications, even products are tied together to directly connect your
customers through social and mobile applications to your people, your
systems—and your business. 

 Listen to your customers

Your brand is
created by a collection of conversations. Understand
where people learn and engage in discussions about your brand. Look at social
media, communities, and news sites to hear what they say, see what they want,
and determine how to reflect that in your marketing campaigns.  This will
help you recognize who is interested in your space and identify influencers who can echo your message.

 Create campaigns where your customers spend time

Social media
sites like Facebook and Twitter give an opportunity to target your message to
the right people and be very efficient with your campaign dollars. Segment your ad campaigns based on interest, needs,
demographics, and geography to make it more personal and meaningful.


Create content on your
website, social media, and in marketing materials that your audience wants to
read. You need to
join the conversation by publishing content that is relevant and engaging and
you need to be able to promote that content from multiple channels across your

 Be an App Master

Keep on top of your customers changing needs by quickly
building and deploying apps that engage and impress customers with the right
functionality and content in the right place at the right time. Quickly build
creative solutions to offer customers.

 Be responsive in real time, everywhere

It’s not good enough just to be a phone call away Today’s
customers are eager to ask questions and to be the center of attention. And they participate in multiple channels. The
sooner you can solve an issue, the happier your customer. When a customer can access you in real time
via social, email, phone or video, they never have to wait to have their
question answered.

 Unlock the back office

Collaborating directly in the context of a business
task is powerful stuff. There’s a wealth
of critical information in your back office systems, whether it’s order status,
inventory counts, billing, or vendor data. By marrying that information with your front office sales, service, and
marketing activities, your team is better equipped to deliver on its promises.

 Give sales reps the tools to get the job done

Customer companies use the cloud to put
everything their sales teams need to win at their fingertips. They consolidate
information from multiple systems to give reps a complete view of their
customers and prospects. Reps easily track accounts, contacts, and
opportunities for improved visibility and real-time analytics, and share
information and collaborate on deals over their company Intranet.  

 Hand your customers a megaphone to sing your praises

Help customers help themselves. Existing customers are a
great resource of information for potential customers as they’ve “been there,
done that.” By cultivating advocates and giving them a voice on social media,
you’re not only increasing the effectiveness of your service, you are giving
prospects confidence in your company and community. You are creating brand evangelists.

Learn more with our free ebook at the link below and you’ll have all these boxes checked in no time.




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