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8 Tendências legais para refrescar a sua mente com conteúdo de marketing para o B2B

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8 Trends to Blow Your B2B Content Marketing Mind

The annual B2B Content Marketing Trends Study released by MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute is here and it’s better than ever. Whether you read the whole study or seek insights from Tweets and blog posts, here are some highlights that will blow your B2B marketing minds.


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1. Only 9% of B2B marketers do NOT use content marketing. That means 91% do!

2. B2B marketers mainly use content marketing for brand awareness and customer acquistion.

3. B2B marketers are spending more money than ever on content marketing. Spend is up 26% from last year and more than half of the marketers surveyed say they will increase it next year, too.

4. B2B marketers use many content marketing tactics. The average is 5-9 and the larger the company, the more tactics often used, rising as high as 20+.

5. Social media, website articles, and email newsletters are the most popular content marketing tactics.

6. Now more than ever, B2B marketers are using video for content marketing.

7. B2B marketers rank microsites as the least effective content marketing tactic. In-person events and case studies rose to the top.

8. LinkedIn is the most popular channel for B2B marketers, followed by Twitter and Facebook.

Read the study here and share your big takeaways.
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