22 NOV

Salesforce1: The Right Data At The Right Moment

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Em sua palestra Marc Benioff falou sobre a Internet dos Clientes e sobre o Salesforce1, a plataforma revolucionário do novo cliente. O Salesforce1 é a melhor maneira de conectar todos os seus aplicativos, todos os seus dispositivos, todos os dados de seus clientes e os seus clientes. No coração das empresas focadas nos clientes, estão certamente os clientes, e as empresas precisam conhecer seus clientes para criar esta experiência de conexão.

Marc Benioff’s keynote discussed the Internet of Customers and Salesforce1, the revolutionary new Customer Platform. Salesforce1 is the way to connect all your apps, all your devices, all of your customer data, and all your customers. At the heart of customer companies are, rightly, customers, and companies must know their customers to create these connected experiences. Data.com helps companies know more about their customers and find new customers right within Salesforce. And, now with Salesforce1 it gives you the right data at the right moment so that you can grow faster and better connect with you customers.

With the new Data.com API, currently in pilot, you’ll be able to leverage the most accurate real-time customer and company information in your applications. The Data.com engineering team, in a recent hackathon, came up with an excellent prototype Visualforce app that clearly demonstrates one way this can be used. (The app was developed in less than 24 hours and made available on mobile by just checking the “Ready for mobile” box.)

The problem they tackled is one common to sales reps on the road, it’s hard to find new relevant leads for the area you happen to be in. Having this information at your fingertips can help you be more effective anywhere. And at the end of the day the reps would rather be knocking on doors than searching Google. To address this challenge, the team leveraged the Data.com APIs in several ways from Salesforce1:

    • They called the Data.com Search API to find nearby contacts
    • Then used the Data.com Purchase API to purchase contacts and see all their details
    • And leveraged the Google Maps API to show nearby contacts on the map.

Check out the prototype:

1. The application appears in Salesforce1 as Data.com Leads. Clicking Find Leads will bring up a list of leads based on the phone’s current location.

Mobile1  Mobile2

 2. Nearby Data.com Contacts are shown. Already purchased contacts appear in green and will show the full contact information card. Contacts not owned yet appear in red with limited information.


3. Tapping Purchase adds the contact to Salesforce as a Lead and shows the full contact information.

Mobile4  Mobile5

Join us Wed. for the Data.com Keynote at Dreamforce. It will be an action packed 45 minutes. Learn more about the new APIs and the right data at the right moment, and one person will win a weekend getaway to NYC for 2 to attend Super Bowl XLVIII.




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