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Marc Benioff Talks About ExactTarget Purchase

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“Entrevista de Marc Benioff falando da compra da ExactTarget e da visão da plataforma de clientes, ou seja: One Customer Plataform.”

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Keynotes Dreamforce Cloud Computing EventForbes interviewed Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff and he shared new insight on the company’s purchase of ExactTarget.

Question: You’ve said you’re confident that your most recent acquisition, the $2.5 billion purchase of ExactTarget, a cloud marketing platform provider, is going to be a success. Why?

Somebody needs to be the platform that connects all these customers to these companies. I call it a one to one customer platform….I look at companies that have these connected products. It could be a toothbrush. It could be an ExactTarget customer already like Microsoft that has the Xbox 360 connected to…The reality is we’re moving into a multi-customer touch-point environment. That is the customer touch-point is prolific and changing and evolving. And you the company – Toyota, BofA, News Corp, whoever — you need to be able to have this consistent relationship with the customer wherever they you are…

When I saw ExactTarget transforming consumers into customers, that’s when I said that’s very aligned with our vision. They’re doing it from a pure marketing perspective and we’re doing it from a sales and service perspective…This is what we need for the next generation of Salesforce.com.

In that case, we’re buying for growth because we want to grow into marketing…In 24 months, our marketing product line will do $ 1 billion in revenue because we’ll be able to put these marketing assets together in a very unique, very compelling way. Our goal as a company is to be that customer company. We want to be the company that you turn to connect your customers with you, and that means you have to do it in sales, you have to do it in service, and you have to do it in marketing.

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